Monday Blues

Monday is here and millions of people are getting ready to go to work and earn a living . How do you cope when you hate or loath your job , then do what you love part time


The Modern World and Mental Security

Recently I have been wondering why in the modern world with all its technology we do not focus on mental health and its benefits. The suicide of the runner up to the Canadian version of Master chef and that of Robin Williams have also be recent celebrity suicides that have made front line news but then interest fizzes  out . Why do we not take the subject of mental health seriously when it affects everything from employment to crime . This seem in contrast to the ancient world and even the 19th century . There seems to be an element of just get on with it , bear up ! mental health is just as important as spiritual and physical health and indeed affect the other two . Stable mental health makes for successful individual . In this chaotic world with societal pressures it is normal to have mental health issues but more importantly not to be ashamed to seek help .